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Florida Vacations Booking Centre

Florida offers an incredible mix of superb locations, each one providing unique opportunities for golf, beach and family vacations that cater to all tastes and budgets. Perennial favorites such as Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, Busch Gardens and Sea World Orlando are the focal points for most Florida vacations.

The entertainment parks are complimented by superb natural attractions such as the Everglades, Gulf Islands and Florida Keys that have been attracting visitors for generations.

Away from the tourist hotspots, Florida rewards her visitors with unique wildlife experiences, beautiful crystal clear lakes and waterways all set in quiet, tranquil surroundings.

But it is the beaches that are the jewel in the Florida tourism crown. The soft, white, powder-fine sand and the clear, warm, inviting waters make Florida beaches the equal of any of the world's best. Daytona Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Marco and Sanibel Islands, Clearwater and St Petersburg.... these are just a few of the Florida destinations known for their superb beaches.

imageFlorida Beach Vacations

A vacation at a Florida beach is all about basking in the sunny warmth, swimming in the warm clear waters and enjoying the relaxed lifestyle.  There are numerous beach vacation destinations to choose from within the 1100 miles (1760km) of incredible Florida coastline.

Magnificent sandy beaches stretch as far as the eye can see and the oceans, waterways and lakes attract anglers from all parts of the world for the incredible Florida fishing. Many of the best destinations for beach vacations are available throughout the year.

Birding, surfing, shelling, hunting for treasure, snorkeling in the emerald waters, reliving Florida's history, enjoying a romantic getaway..... Florida has a beach that's perfect for you.

imageFlorida Golf Vacations

Many holiday makers are attracted by the unrivalled golf vacations on the manicured greens of some of Florida's leading courses. There is a mix of over 1100 public and private membership golf courses throughout Florida. Given the enormous popularity of golf throughout the state, it comes as no surprise to find that golf vacation packages are available to suit all tastes and budgets.

Orlando is a "hot spot" for golf courses and the west coast towns of Naples and Fort Myers have a deserved reputation as having some of the finest courses in Florida, if not the USA.  Many major courses are available via resort and vacation packages that incorporate an agreed number of rounds of golf combined with resort accommodation and access to the resort's guest facilities.

imageFlorida Family Vacations

It's easy to understand why family vacations in Florida are the preferred choice for both USA families and visitors from overseas. Family vacations are available throughout Florida to suit every taste and budget. Some visitors come to swim with dolphins while others appreciate the preserved Florida heritage and history that is so accessible with a Florida driving vacation. Florida is driver friendly with an excellent road network and numerous RV parks.

This guide includes the ultimate collection of Florida accommodation from all the major brand names that you know and trust. Choose from hotels, resorts, self catering vacation rentals.... and all at the best prices available on the internet.

Theme park hotel price comparisons, instant availability checks, guaranteed secure online reservations... it's all right here!


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