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Swim With Dolphins

A Florida vacation provides the perfect opportunity to participate in a swim with dolphins program. Swimming with dolphins in their own lagoon is a very rewarding experience, experienced only by a small number of people. The excitement of the dolphin swim provides memories that will last a lifetime.

The Florida dolphin experience is not limited to just swim with dolphin programs. There are also opportunities to join 1-4 day Marine Animal workshops which offer other unique ways to enjoy a wonderful dolphin experience.

imageTrained Dolphin Swims

The swim is very instructional and informative. It involves working with an experienced trainer and trained dolphins that respond to food and verbal signals. 

The dolphins perform trained behaviors like jumping over bars, toe pushes, body rubs, and other trained behaviors aimed at providing a magical experience!

The program guarantees contact with the dolphins but swimmers need to be mindful that the dolphins are not forced to perform or entertain. The experience is very much on the dolphins terms.


imageWaist Deep Dolphin Program

A chance to experience, in waist deep water, an in-depth program on dolphins and how the trainers handle these loving mammals. This is an opportunity to gain some great knowledge and insight of the dolphins in a small group setting.  You will have the chance to work with the trainer in doing close up and personal behaviors with the dolphins.

imageWild Dolphin Encounter

Experience the magic of wild bottlenose or spotted dolphins, in their home, on their terms. The boat trip will allow you to witness the behaviors of these incredible mammals in their own habitat. Learn about the social behavior, physiology, and social aspects of the dolphins. These encounters take place with wild dolphins in the open ocean.


Our thanks to Dolphin World for the above contribution. Dolphin World operate Swim With Dolphin programs and Marine Workshops in Key Largo and Miami.

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